i am going to send you a screenshot of one of your arts, and i kinds forgot the link and name so yeah, anyway i was wonderign if i may use that screenshot for my blog icon? with credit if anyone asks of course!

Sure dear!! no problem! you can use it! <3 <3 <3

Hola, espero que no te haya molestado, pero hice unos dibujos al estilo Classystuck. Los podes ver en mi blog.

Oh Dios!!!! * A* -corre a ver- <3

Could I use your Classystuck outfit designs in a drawing? I'll credit you and everything! (Btw, I think your art is amazing!)

Of course! you can! ;33 <3 THANK YOU SWETTIE! <3

May I use your transparent trickster!Roxy drawing as a sidebar picture?

Sure! <3